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Reputation and Reliability: OCTG

The connections between tubular piping is critical. This is especially the case if the piping is used in very challenging environments. This is the case in the Oil and Gas industry, along with Mining and Water Management. The Oil and Gas Industry is increasingly moving into the Arctic or deep sea locations. This pushes technology to its limits. OCTG is one of the world’s leading companies in providing “finishing” for API Standard Tube Mills. This includes threading, non destructive testing and now heat treatments.

Two general points are important here. For those who can remember the huge disaster in the Caribbean with BP oil, it was clear that there were real oversights in their drilling of the oil off shore. This led to an appalling ecological disaster and massive insurance claims for BP. Any short cuts or lapses in the maintenance of tubular piping connections or drill pipes could have very large, unforeseen consequences.

The second point is that the North American continent is now at the start of a new oil boom. This is through the exploitation of “fracked” oil and the push to use shale oil. Again, maintenance and general good house keeping should not be overlooked.

So protecting the connections at the end of tubular piping is also critical. Any damage to external or internal screw threads or to the flanges, especially when the piping is being set up in a difficult location, could result in quite serious consequences. At best, this would result in a lot of inconvenience for any company or contractor.

Essentra specializes in pipe protection technologies for OCTG tubular piping. This covers external and internal threads along with pipe flange protectors. They use advanced injection molding techniques again with the use of CNC. Engineer grade thermoplastics are used as well as propriety resins and polymer alloys. The protectors will be quick to attach.  All the threads will match perfectly.

A drill pipe is essential in boring out holes. Therefore, again when not in use, it is very important to protect the drill pipe. Essentra can offer two possibilities in both heavy duty steel or plastic. The drill pipe is also supplied by OCTG. These cover a range of different functions. There appears to be a large range of suppliers.

Take this a stage further and look up “a drill pipe in Houston” and the range of suppliers in Yellow Pages is huge.

Refining the search further to find an OCTG drill pipe in Houston and there are a number of companies specializing solely in OCTG drill pipes. The company specifically registered as part of OCTG seems to be R&D Pipe Company which appears to be a main supplier of OCTG drill pipes. Again, given the importance of this major capital purchase, it would be advisable to research very carefully into a truly reputable and established company. Given the increase of “fracked oil” in the US, then new companies may well be moving into this market.

Contact details for OCTG are:

Web site


9200 Sheldon Rd,

Houston TX,

(281) 456 – 9057

Essentra has offices in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Scotland UK.

Their web site is:

For reference: (drill pipes Houston)
R&D Pipe Company

Tel: (281) 355-6782

Why Choose a Limo as Your Wedding Car Hire?

There is no other element that would help you arrive in style than the wedding vehicle. Even though a lot of soon to be married couples do not give much thought to the bridal car, it is one of the most important details throughout the wedding planning process. Aside from complementing your wedding theme or concept, the vehicle you choose from wedding car hire Adelaide services can also enable you to travel in style and luxury.
There is nothing more comfortable and luxurious than a limo to drive the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception. If you think that hiring a limousine is too expensive, think again. There are wedding car hire services that offer affordable limo rental. Even though it is more expensive than other types of wedding cars, it is worth the investment.
A limousine can carry the entire wedding party. While limos tend to be costlier, they can be quite practical too. The inside of the vehicle is large enough to transport your entire wedding party. It therefore eliminates other costs because you do not have to wire several vehicles to transport your bridesmaids and groomsmen from the ceremony to the reception. You can even go the extra mile by having music in the cabin or sparkling wine for the entire party to enjoy throughout the ride. It is a great way to kick off the wedding celebration with some of your closest friends or family members. There are also several other extra amenities that can be enjoyed when riding a limo on your wedding day. This will depend on the package or inclusions you have chosen for the event. Hence, a limousine is truly a great option when you want a stylish ride but still get flexibility according to your budget.
It requires little to no decoration at all. Most bridal cars require floral decoration in order to transport the couple in style. But in the case of the limo, it only requires little decoration. In fact, a bouquet in front of the vehicle will do.
It transports the bride and groom in style. This is the single most important reason to book a limousine from a wedding car hire Adelaide. It transports the bride in a romantic fashion, making her feel like a true princess. The vehicle itself also commands attention. Hence, the wedding guests’ attention will be focused on the limo when the bride and groom make their entry to the wedding reception venue.
When it comes to choosing your wedding car hire Adelaide service, do give premium to style, comfort and luxury. For this reason, limos are highly coveted as bridal cars. Do not be intimidated by the cost of hiring one, though. There are several companies in Adelaide specializing in transport services that can offer you a wide range of packages to suit your budget. There is no need to go overboard with your budget when planning for your special day. Check in with Hold Fast Bay Limos at to learn more about getting your own limo for your wedding.

How to Start a Trucking Business

Starting and running a trucking business is a major personal and financial commitment on your side, and it will therefore be important that you get quality information on the business before you decide to venture out. The growing marketplace and demand for trucking makes this a potentially viable business when you approach it the right way and with the best information at your fingertips. There are many legal and paperwork procedures that you will have to fulfill along with the actual acquisition of the best equipment such as those from the Japanese truck sales.

The most important thing to know about the trucking business is that competition is extremely stiff. But it is possible to create an initial advantage or leverage for yourself by carrying out a thorough market research so that you can get all the useful information that you need to go about the process seamlessly. This will save you lots of time as well as money when it comes to the launch of the business. Like all businesses, pre-planning is important in ensuring the success of your trucking business.

Here are some important tips to look at when you are planning the launch of a trucking business:

Determine the business model

How will your trucking business operate? There are two main models when it comes to the trucking business and these have to do with how you will acquire and use the equipment for your business. There is the option of subcontracting drivers and that of owning your drivers. Like all models, each of these has their advantages and disadvantages.

When you subcontract drivers, you can own everything ranging from the equipment to every aspect of the business but the drivers belong to another company that you pay in order to pay under a contractual agreement. In other words, the drivers are not actually employed by the company, merely subcontracted for the services. Using this option will cut down on the various costs associated with starting a trucking company including the insurance costs, startup costs and even the costs of the equipment. The downside is that this gives you less control and cuts into your profitability.

When you have privately owned drivers, you have significant control in the business. You can acquire the best equipment via Japanese truck sales and you get to own your equipment such as a medium duty truck for sale. The downside is that you will have to grapple with additional costs such as insurance costs, driver insurance, maintenance costs, and the cost of drivers as well as managers. With this model of trucking business, you will be grappling with higher costs and need a higher starting capital.

Go through the traditional business setup process

Apart from the considerations that you have to make with regards to the equipment such as taking advantage of Japanese truck sales in order to modernize your fleet, setting a trucking business is very much like setting other businesses. The most important thing is to know the type of trucking business you want to establish. This will determine whether you will need a light duty truck or a medium duty cabover trucks, for example.

Ensure compliance with various requirements

There are various compliance requirements that you have to deal with when it comes to setting up your trucking business. There are a myriad of tax documents, licenses and permits that you need to acquire to set up your business for example. The documentation varies based on the trucking business type that you wish to start. In Australia, important requirements include the BOC-3 filing, the International Fuel Tax Agreement Decals, and many others. The drivers that you employ will also need special permits and recommendations to operate the vehicles.

Get Insured

Insurance is a mandatory requirement in the trucking business. If you own your fleet, the costs will multiply but you can cut down on your insurance costs by acquiring best quality trucks through Japanese truck sales. Insurance is generally a very stringent requirement so plan for this accordingly.

Acquire your fleet

Choose the best trucks that will make the bulk of your fleet. They should be of good quality and with great fuel efficiency. With Japanese trucks such as those from UD Trucks, you can get off to a good start.

Buying a Used Mitsubishi in Brisbane? Look Around First

Mitsubishi BrisbaneIf you ever want to buy a used Mitsubishi Brisbane market offers, then you need to be rather careful. There are many fine used Mitsubishi models out there but that does not mean every single option is right for your needs.

What’s the Value?

The value of a used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane provides or any other used vehicle from the company should be compared based on not only the value that the car dealer has placed on it, but also from the actual value that the RedBook says it has.

The RedBook program from Automated Data Services has been around since the 1940s to assist Australians in figuring out what the values of their cars are. It takes many factors into consideration like the features on the car and how often it has been used.

You need to use the RedBook value on a car of interest to not only figure out how much money it would cost to buy a vehicle, but to also get some leverage in the negotiation process. This is especially applicable in situations where used car dealers Brisbane market offers might try to charge you more than what the vehicle is really worth.

Has It Been Inspected?

A functional used Mitsubishi Brisbane market offers needs to be appropriately inspected before it can be made available to a new owner. A full vehicular inspection must be utilized by the dealer to ensure that a used car in question is actually working. Specifically, a review can analyze such points as how the engine and belts are working, if the brake pads are safe, how the technological features inside the car are working and if there has been any major repairs or replacements for parts around the vehicle.

Check Its History

A vehicular history report may also be valuable for your needs. You can use this report to figure out if a used vehicle has been in a wreck or if it had any extensive forms of bodywork done. This can also help you figure out if the car’s usage history matches up with whatever a Mitsubishi dealer says it has on its file.

Is the Trim Suitable?

You may be amazed to see that no two used cars are ever alike. For instance, one used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane provides might have larger tires than another used Lancer in the same market. Meanwhile, another might have a touchscreen navigation system or even a four-wheel drive setup.

Either way, trims for these vehicles can include an extensive variety of features that can vary by each model. Compare each option and see if their features are suitable for the demands you might hold. Don’t forget to also compare their values.

A reliable and properly inspected Mitsubishi Brisbane market provides can be easy to find when you surf around the used market. Be sure though that you are careful when finding a used Mitsubishi and that you are comparing the prices and features of each option with one another.

If you ever need added assistance then you can always contact Toowong Mitsubishi at 1300 207 396 for help with getting a used vehicle. Located on Milton Road in Toowong, the dealer can provide you with plenty of tips and solutions for finding a car as well as an extensive variety of used models to choose from. To know more about us, visit: HTTP://WWW.TOOWONGMITSUBISHI.COM.AU

Ride and Conquer in Kawasaki Ninja 250r

The feeling of staying low and holding the bikes close, the adrenaline rush to race with the wind, the focus on the rocky, rutted, rough terrain –  bikers definitely have an encompassing desire for speed on the rocks. They are ready to conquer any trail and zoom past the world. With the bikers’ thirst for exploring the world, their ‘bike’ is unbeatable. Some love it for adventure while some think it adds an oomph factor in their lives. The dirt in the pores and the tough and the rough look is how they associate themselves with the bike. When asked about why, it’s the flair and the flamboyance along with the velocity, which one looks for in a bike and the Ninja bikes tops the chart. Therefore, the Kawasaki Ninja 250r for sale online is the best news for all bike lovers.

Overview of the bike

The aerodynamic design of the bike gives it a sporty look and looks like the younger sibling of ZX series. Its black colored alloy wheel, long tail indicator, makes it visually appealing.  Available in lime green, passion red, Candy plasma blue and Ebony color, Kawasaki Ninja is a terrific sport bike with a speed of 150 km/hr. It is power-driven by a liquid cooled, 4-stroke matching twin 250cc engine. This Ninja bike with its 17 inch sport bike wheel and the tyre, grips the tarmac. It opens new arenas for motor bikes fun and a surge of power, waiting to be unleashed. Its low seat height and light weight, boosts the confidence of a rider. With its heavy duty piston ring, it becomes a fuel efficient bike. It comes with an easy to read instrument panel.

Kawasaki Ninja 250r for sale

Kawasaki Ninja 250r for sale

The chassis of the motorcycle is designed in such a way that it stays stable even on high speed. Top speed for 250 Ninjas is about 950 MPH. It moves like the wind. The headlight is on all the time. Its petal shaped rotor gives it a snazzy look. The rear view mirror is well placed. Brakes are sharp and the vehicle doesn’t produce any shaky feeling or a rattling noise. Based on Japanese technology, it is reliable for long rides. Drop dead gorgeous is the word for this Kawasaki Ninja 250r. When you buy this highly priced Kawasaki Ninja 250r for sale, it can surely lift up your spirit and status. Visit us:

You must be careful and responsible enough, while riding a bike. There is only one life, so do not forget to wear a helmet. Rides can be enjoyed at a minimum speed as well. If you think that this heavily priced metal isn’t for you, you are wrong. Here comes the Kawasaki Ninja 250r for sale. So hurry and grab the offer!

Wheels motorcycles have a reputation of outstanding service in supplying new and used motorcycles at a price which fits your budget. You can get a range of Kawasaki bikes, clothes and accessories online to match your requirements.   To know more, visit their site.

Driving with Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are now considered a great investment especially to automobile enthusiasts. While more people use steel wheels for everyday use on the road, a part of the driving group would rather have the better option. This means using alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are made from the combination of aluminum and a little of some other metals. Aluminum is a lightweight kind of metal, yet when structured and boosted up by other metals, the outcome is a type of wheel that is praised for its remarkable capability, power and attractive appearance.

Alloy wheels are now conventional with most cars in such a way that they provide aesthetic and functional benefits at the same time. Compared with steel wheels, alloy wheels can be made into a wide variety of designs, which connect to the owners’ personal style, and giving them an opportunity to customize further.  Some people prefer steel wheels since these are heavy-duty and cheap, but then, these are also substantially heavy and bulky looking. The aluminum/nickel kind of alloy is regarded as much lightweight than steel and creates a more agile performance and a much better acceleration. A vehicle with alloys used is mostly much more amusing to handle while driving.

Even though alloy wheels are common in the racing field, they are now suited to be more and more desired on other kinds and types of automobiles. Most shoppers buy alloy wheels because they boost the image of their cars; meanwhile, there are still a number of other benefits of using them on a car. They are much lighter versus the steel-plated wheels, and still possess the latter’s durability. A set of alloy wheels increases a car’s overall worth. Moreover, some alloy wheels can give an improved brake performance. Also, some car specialists affirm that alloy wheels significantly increase a car’s gas mileage, control, and its power.

The perks of driving a car that is equipped with alloy wheels, as opposed to steel wheels, makes the extra cost worthy as a significant investment. When planning to purchase a set of wheels, one should always ensure to buy the correct wheels that will match their cars, especially because some are using a specific kind of hardware. Since consumers consider alloy wheels a bit expensive, they should know how to properly maintain and clean their precious wheels.

When it comes to aesthetics, alloy wheels look far better than hubcaps and steel wheels. This is why most people prefer wheels made from alloy. For cars that include usual bolt patterns like in Volkswagens and Hondas, it is easier to find such wheels from 13 up to 18 inches. Another upside when preferring alloy is the variety of finishes. You can choose from painted, polished and even chrome.

Wondering where you may buy these wheels? When it comes to alloy wheels and more, no one is more than happy to serve wheel buyers than Wolfrace Wheels. Wolfrace Wheels is the best-known alloy brand in UK since 1971. Wolfrace brand has been leading the industry for 40 years and is identified for its affordability and high quality products. For more information about Wolfrace Wheels, their products, and services, please visit WOLFRACE

Varieties of Lifting Equipment For Regular Use

With the advancement of technology, work has been made extremely easier on almost all fronts. Jobs or tasks that would consume all energy from individuals are now made easier by the use of lifting equipment. While previously people had to lift or lower weighty items to unusual heights, putting their lives at risk in the process, currently there are devices that aid people in this venture. And while it is easy to say that the lifting equipment is effective, this is determined by where one actually makes acquisition of the said machines.

lifting equipment

lifting equipment

Apart from hoisting items, lifting equipment Melbourne services also assist in lowering the said goods. Some of them include bags, sacks, bales of clothes, loose yet bulky materials, heavy items like blocks, bricks, concrete, office as well as construction machines among others. Animals too get lifted, and human beings may need to be raised or lowered to certain points especially during construction of buildings or bridges.

Some loads have permanent or semi-permanent points to attach the lifting equipment, others do not. In this case, it is up to the lifting equipment specialists to look for ways of getting items lifted to the desired destinations without any destruction. This has to be done with lots of caution therefore because any slight mistake on the part of the specialist and the goods may be destroyed or people handling them get hurt. At Millsom, there are trained personnel who in-service clients with difficulty handling these devices. This way, the risk of misuse or damage of equipment from Millsom is lowered.

Millsom, a lifting equipment Australia company, deals in a wide range of machines. They include patient hoists, tele-handlers and fork-lifts, vehicle tail lifts, goods lifts, passenger lifts, building cleaning cradle plus its suspension equipment, cranes fitted to vehicles, motor vehicle lifts and supporting runways for overhead cranes. Other than the lifting devices, accessories are also provided. Lifting accessories are equipment used to attach the load to the lifting machine. When determining overall weight of given loads, lifting accessories are also included in the final weight count. They are; hooks, spreader beams, rope slings or fiber, eyebolts, chains and vacuum devices.

When purchasing lifting equipment, a variety of factors must be considered. As always, quality of the item is determined by among other factors, manufacturers, years of experience the company has been in service and reviews provided by frequent users. Over the years, Millsom Materials Handling Company has provided highly recommended vacuum lifting equipment, vacuum gripper system, huge bag lifters, bridge cranes and jib cranes among others.

Apart from providing lifting equipment to schools, other institutions amply served by Millsom include hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing companies, road and bridge construction institutions and other industries. To obtain lifting equipment, one can contact the following number on phone; 1800992211 or get to the following website – The company deals in home items too. When in need of any lifting device, one just calls the given number as there are customer care providers ready to serve clients. To inspect lifting equipment on display, the above website will be of service.

How to Create a Killer Logo Design Using 7 Tips

Designing a brand logo is a deceivingly simple task. As the visual representative and image of a brand, there is a lot entailed when creating a logo design. Make sure you work with a professional Melbourne logo design company to produce a compelling design that impacts the consumer’s perception of your brand in a positive light.

If you are a small business looking to hire a company for a start up business logo design, you need to understand how the process works. This will give you a better understanding on what to consider when coming up with a powerful design.

Consider Your Brand

You cannot create a logo until you understand and know the brand. The logo should appeal to a specific audience and represent the brand’s ideology. These factors have to work together in order to create that visual image of the brand. Do not be swayed by prevailing design trends and stick to what represents the brand’s personality in the most accurate manner.

Make it Memorable

An effective Melbourne logo design is memorable. It goes hand in hand with simplicity – it should be easy enough for consumers to grasp and remember. It should neither be too elaborate nor too generic.

Maintain Versatility

When hiring logo design services to work on your brand logo, aim for versatility in the design. This makes it possible to use the logo across a variety of applications and marketing media.

Learn from Others

When planning an affordable logo design, study successful brand logos and get insights to what has made them successful. You can then apply these concepts into your own logo. Make sure you do not lose your brand’s identity in the process of emulating these successful logos, though.

Skip the Cliché

In a competitive industry, you do not want to be dubbed as a “copycat”. This is not a good way to be perceived by consumers, especially when you are just starting out in the industry. Be inspired by existing logos and brands but focus on establishing your unique identity as a brand.

Know Your Audience

The logo is made primarily for them; hence, you need to take your audience into consideration when designing a logo. The initial appeal of a logo comes in the form of its visual imagery. Then, focus on how you can communicate the brand’s message and ideology using that image. More importantly, ask yourself this question: “Am I sending the right message to my audience?”

Color is Key

The use of color psychology in branding and marketing is not an alien concept anymore. Hence, spend a great deal of planning on what color to use for your brand logo. Think about the emotional and psychological impact that every color can make towards your audience. Your color choice can make or break your branding effort.

If you are looking for a professional Melbourne logo design company that can assist you with logo creation, choose Clark Marketing & Design, Australia. They have a creative and strategic team that can help you formulate an effective logo that will help you stand out over competitors. If you would like to learn more about their logo designing services, visit HTTP://WWW.CLARKMARKETING.COM.AU/